Ricky Hess is the creator and producer of Horror Hotel.
His extensive experience working with latex polymers profes-
sionally formed the background for his makeup effects artistry
used in a number of independent films in the Atlanta area. He
is an award winning costume designer  as well . Being  a true
geek at heart,  he grew up on Science fiction movies like Star
Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and shows like Star
Trek and Twilight Zone.

                      The Horror Hotel  series is an
                                        antholog  with a complete story
                                        in each episode.  
                                       "Something  you  don't  get  with   most
                                        series"   says    Ricky.    "Twilight
                                        Zone and Alfred  Hitchcock  were  big
                                        inspirations for the stories. The series
                                        has varying  stories that  span multiple
                                        genera's   including   science  fiction,
                                        horror,  thriller,  and  suspense.  Like
Hitchcock, there will be moments  of   comedy  and   drama  for
added entertainment. The goal of
 Horror Hotel is to bring a fun
experience to the audience.  Different film  makers, styles,  and
stories means you never know what the
Horror Hotel will bring

Many talented individuals from industry
professionals to film  students work to
produce   the   episodes.  
Horror Hotel
provides students with  an  experience
outside their normal curriculum.  Even
recent   graduates  can  gain  valuable
experience while launching themselves
into the professional world of  entertain-
ment. Like Ricky, some people just love                                         
making films and do it out of pure enjoy-                                               
ment. Either way, everyone has something                                           
to gain by working on the set of
Horror Hotel.  We invite you to
check out the cast and crew pages for each episode to learn
more about the talented filmmakers working on Horror
Horror Hotel does not accept unsolicited submissions for stories.
For casting consideration, please "like" and follow our facebook page for
announcements on all upcoming casting opportunities.
Horror Hotel LLC
Debbie Hess - President