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CASSADY - Supporting
45 yrs and up
Any race
Body Build - any
Dialogue in one scene

Cassady is a used bookstore owner who bets Jonnie she can't get a look at the hermit        
living in a motor court room who keeps ordering the same book over and over again for
delivery.  Cassidy lives to read and may pet a dog or cat in the bookstore scene.

Required Dates:  Audition - Sunday, August 20th (apt. only)
                   Rehearsal - Saturday, August 2
                   Shoot Dates - Sunday, Sept. 10th, Sunday, Sept. 17th
Send resume/headshot/body shot to
subject line:  casting (Be sure to state the part you are applying for)

You will be notified that we received your resume and photos.

Due to the volume of submissions, we ask that you do not keep checking
back except to notify us of a conflict with the dates which would  no longer                
allow you to audition.

You will be notified if we set an audition appointment for you.