Episode Synopsis:  When bedbugs snack on a body builder pumped with steroids, Motor Court guests
must battle a horrible infestation of the new, oversized killer bugs.

Shoot Date:  Satyrday, September 24 and Sunday, September 25th

*Please make sure you are available all day*

This is a Non Union, non-paid gig with IMDb credit/Food

Location: Marietta, GA

Hours: 8am till possibly 7pm

Boom op - need boom op with experience. I have equipment

Location Mixer - need experienced sound mixer. I have a Zoom H6, 2 boom mics and 2
Sennheiser lav mics.

We film on a custom set in Marietta, GA
all indoors and comfortable
Great food and drink
Good exposure
Resume builder

Send resume to horrorhotel163@yahoo.com
subject line:  mixer or boom op

This is a non-paid gig with IMDb credit

To watch the newly released 2nd season click
To watch the newly released 2nd Season click HERE