Horror Hotel is an anthology series spanning sci-fi/mystery/suspense tales    
all centered around a decreipt old hotel located off the beaten track and
frequented by the likes of aliens, androids, psychos, clones and more.
Inspired by the likes of
The second season episodes of Horror Hotel were combined into an
anthology feature film ( 102 minutes) similar to Twilight Zone The Movie.

It contains 6 stories:

"Aliens Stole My Boyfriend" - Two cute alien chicks crash land their
space buggy at the Hotel looking for Earth boyfriends. All the boys on
their home planet Moe were wiped out by testosterone fever.

"Coma Girl" - A macabre maintenance man falls in love with a comatose
woman at the convelescent home he works for much to the dismay of her
loyal husband.  

"The Problem With Clones" - A skip tracer must search through a
family of clones to find the look alike that murdered her sister.

"Life After Men" - An Orwellian tale of life run by females after the near
extinction of men where man hunters track down those remaining males
in hiding.

"Brain Robbers In Love" - A narcisstic businesswoman schemes to
steal the brain of a younger associate to lure the affections of her
handsome, younger assistant.

"Four Eyes" - A psychotic, paraplegic hit man is hired by a disgrungled
ex-husband to take out his wife because she got the dog.
NNEW 3rd Season NOW in production
Our pilot episode for the 3rd season is "Sleep Tight".

When bedbugs snack on a body builder pumped with steroids, they grow
to monsterous sizes attacking guests staying at this unsavory, decriept
old hotel.

Length - 33 minutes

We have the capability of producing longer length episodes with funding
help and this is our sample of doing so.

The Horror Hotel world is a 'confined' world with most of the action taking
place inside a hotel room itself with limited location scenes. We rely on
good story telling and plot twisting. This allows us to produce high quality,
lower costs content. We produce broadcast quality episodes with high
production value.

We have had grammy and emmy award winning artists work on the series
and gleen from the very best actors in the Atlanta area for amazing talent.

Our set designs are very eye catching and create a consistent
environment to create the Horror Hotel world.

"fans of "The Twilight Zone", "Tales From The Crypt" & "The Outer Limits" will feel right at home" - Dread Central

"unconventional collection of dark & humorous stories" - We Are Indie Horror

"perfect for enjoying the horror genre with the entire familiy" - Terror Time

"well crafted, suspenseful & hight entertaining" - Dead, Buried and Back

"5 minutes and you'll be hooked straight through til the end" - Indy Red

"deep-in-the-gut suspense & spine chilling plot twisting." - Atlanta Retro Magazine
Festival awards & nominations

Editing - Atlanta Independent Film Festival
Original Music - Atlanta Independent Film Festival
Screenplay - Atlanta Independent Film Festival
Cinematography - Atlanta Independent Film Festival
Sound Mixing - Atlanta Independent Film Festival

Best Series - GenCon Festival
Best Suspense/Thriller series - Miami Film Fest
Best Series - Miami Film Fest
Best Use of Make-Up - Miami Film  Fest

Outstanding Directing - LA Fest
Oustanding Score - LA Fest
Outstanding Series - LA Fest
Outstanding Sound Design - LA Fest

Official Selection - Toronto Film Fest
Official Selection - Raindance Film Fest
OOr Nominated